Introducing SOMA: Frictional Games Latest Game


There was a trailer for something unknown released a few months ago; a red-headed woman (AM Engineer Imogen Reed) talking to a disassembled machine on the floor, while the machine proceeded to claim that he was, in fact, a person. Later on in the trailer, she brought a male team member (Chief Engineer Adam Golaski) into the room to speak with the machine and the conversation had gotten heated. The machine claimed to be who this man was and knew of his father’s dying words. If you can’t remember the trailer being referred to, here’s a refresher:

Recognize it now? If not, don’t worry; this trailer was released a few months ago (October 7, 2013 to be exact) and there hasn’t been much more revealed from it since so it would be no surprise if this trailer has slipped your mind. In any case, more from the game has finally been revealed.

The game has something of a Dead Space feel to it in its latest trailer. Granted, there’s no gameplay footage (although the footage is all in-game) in the following trailer so the comparison is mostly environmental based. However, it’s still a justifiable comparison. SOMA is a sci-fi horror game by Frictional Games (who has brought you games such as Amnesia and the Penumbra series) which takes the player on “a journey into the dark recesses hidden between sanity and the incomprehensible.” View the latest trailer below:

We now have a release window and consoles to look forward to playing this game on; PC and PS4 in 2015. This game seems to have been in development for quite some time and, seeing as how it’s PC and PS4 exclusive, as well as being released next year, you can safely assume that the game will utilize the full power of the PS4 for a visually pleasing experience (and it will undoubtedly look gorgeous on PC).

The initial reveal trailer for the game showed Imogen Reed working with a computer-like machine that looks like a jumble of wires with a screen. The screen is said to show some “distorted schematics and a complex set of instructions.” As she’s tinkering with the machine to try to get the screen to show any of this clearly, something interesting appears on screen. Watch below:

In regards to the latest trailer, one can assume that the reason she ran off was because the machine possibly showed someone killing his/herself, which could have been the start of the crew members killing themselves for unknown reasons. Perhaps messing with the machine started something that can’t be helped psychologically.

The following screenshots are the only ones available from production at this time:

If you’d like to read more on SOMA and its in-depth story, head to the official website.