Iruka Umino and Konohamaru Join Naruto Storm Revolution Lineup!


Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution looks awesome. I have been a huge fan of the Ultimate Ninja series since it was on the PS2. The Storm series was majorly dynamic and made the transition to 3D look easy. This latest title looks to be the biggest and baddest game yet in the series and Namco-Bandai has just announced that there will be two new playable characters: Iruka Umino and Konohamru Sarutobi. Iruka, Naruto’s first ever sensei was Naruto’s first friend in the series and he’ll be making his first entry as a playable character. Konohamaru is something of a disciple of Naruto and getting to see both he and Iruka in action only heightens my excitement.

This game looks to revamp the support system form the past game a well as continue the story. The game will have some new game modes such as Tournament Mode and will also have a bonus story mode. It also looks to shake up gameplay mechanics with guard breaks and counterattacks and there are bonuses for those who have save data from Ultmate Ninja Storm 3. To pre-order the game check out this link, and stay tuned for more updates from SpawnFirst.