JackFrags Update on the Next-Gen BF4 Face-Off-UPDATE: PS4 Wins


Update: JackFrags drops the bomb. He confirms that PS4 multiplayer Battlefield 4 looks better than Xbox One singleplayer BF 4



Checkout some amazing PS4 and Xbox One gameplay videos here, or go directly to JackFrags’ channel.

If you’ve been listening to the news recently, JackFrags is supposed to be comparing the next-gen versions of Battlefield against each other to find out just who the graphics crown (at least when it comes to Battlefield 4) goes to. He’ll be showing his results tomorrow, on the 29th of October, to finally put to rest which version is the one to get. To make matters more interesting, his latest tweet divulges new questions:


— JackFrags (@jackfrags) October 28, 2013 What does this mean? Are we about to get floored with some unexpected results? Will the PS4 be winning out, or does it look like the Xbox One will be taking the crown in this stand-off? JackFrag’s response seems to be a confirmation to one person’s statement:

Nathan Jones @zjonesyy

@jackfrags @preston647 he is surprised that the ps4 multiplayer looks better than the xbone single player

We’ll find out tomorrow! Stay tuned…