Japanese PS4 Pre-Orders Sell Out In Mere Minutes


Despite the PlayStation 4 being delayed to February 22 in Japan, the console has not lost steam. According to a report by Dualshockers, pre-orders for the console were released between 7-7:30AM JST via online retailers Amazon Japan, Yodabashi Camera, Bic Camera, Sofmap, Edion and Rakuten Books. The pre-orders, mostly gone within minutes, lasted the longest on Amazon Japan with a record of 40 minutes.

The sites offered pre-orders for 2 different bundles: One with a download voucher code for Knack, and one that comes with one game and the camera. Both of which sold out as quickly as they became available.

Those who had missed the earliest pre-order releases had a second chance at snagging one at 10AM JST from Nojima and at 12PM JST from Joshin. The opening of pre-orders for Nojima caused the server to go down due to the high traffic. Head over to the link above to see a timeline of just how fast the pre-orders sold out.

It’s nice to see they aren’t bitter over the delay. In fact, the wait attributed to people wanting it even more to the point where they brought down servers as soon as the pre-order became available. If that doesn’t shout success, then I don’t know what will.