Jump into the cockpit with ‘MechRunner’ from Spark Plug Games


Spark Plug Games, creator of the wildly addictive Puzzle Quest 2, unveiled their new game today, MechRunner. The North Carolina development team loves the slogan, “We ignite fun!”, and it definitely shows with this game. MechRunner is described as, “A fast and furious non-stop action game that puts you in command of a powerful ‘mech that can also become a mighty battle tank”. The player can switch between a mighty mech and battle tank on-the-fly while battling the various enemy types.

Along with slicing and dicing (almost like Revengeance!) your way through mechanical hordes, the player simultaneously must try to rescue citizens in a dynamically shifting environment, which offers unexpected obstacles, cover, and danger. Spark Plug Games created an insanely fast-paced, epic game full of beautifully crafted mechs for the players to enjoy.

The Puzzle Quest 2 creators teamed up with film veteran Josh Nizzi (Avengers, Iron Man, Transformers) to create a“truly unique visual experience”. Ben Lichius, while discussing MechRunner said, “I think we have some of the most detailed, amazing looking mechs to ever appear in a video game”.

Along with unveiling the game today, the independent game developer also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fully polish their game. While the game is technically complete, Spark Plug’s President John O’Neil said, “We realized that, with a little extra polish here at the end, there’s a lot we could do to make playing MechRunner even more memorable for gamers and mech fans alike”. Here is a link to the kickstarter page.

MechRunner will be released on PS4, PS Vita, PC/Mac/Linux in the summer.

Check out Spark Plug Games’ website here.