Killer Instinct To Get Story/Arcade Mode With Fulgore Update


The time is upon us; the story and arcade modes are finally going to be released for Killer Instinct  alongside Fulgore. We have yet to receive an official release date regarding the release of Fulgore and the other releases contained therein. Details are scarce regarding the story and arcade modes, but it was also confirmed that the update will come with lobbies for the online component of the game.

Story mode was met with sparse details; but when asked if there would only be one boss, the answer was that it depends on how you play. This could mean that there may be more than one boss to fight, or maybe they were simply referring to a sub-boss. If you recall, Killer Instinct 1  had 2 sub-bosses: Fulgore, and Spinal. This could be the case in this version but we have to wait to find out.

Players have eagerly been awaiting the opportunity to have lobbies as opposed to switching between invited players. Lobbies will be a major improvement and will be met with positive reception, granted it gets pulled off without a hitch.

Regarding Fulgore, he’s going to be a zoning archetype character much like Glacius. Fulgore is a mix of his Killer Instinct 1  and 2  play styles, with a flair of new thrown into the mix. He’s said to be a fairly easy to use character, but it depends on the playstyle of the player that will determine if he’s a character who’s hard to fight. He maintains his teleport move but it differs from Spinal’s; what exactly that means is unclear at this time. We’ll update more on Fulgore and the March update as information arises.

(Source: Xbox Live Stream)