Killer Instinct Launch Trailer


Microsoft has dropped what should be the last trailer for Killer Instinct before it (and the Xbox One) hit tomorrow.

The trailer goes over the combo of characters, mechanics, and visuals that are shipping with the free-to-play game tomorrow. Along with that, we get an run down of the launch characters, and an official reveal of series pseudo-mascots Spinal and Fulgore.

The download only title will come with one character, Jago, for free, and allow access to online and training modes, with more coming in the second “season” of content. All of the current content can be purchased as the Combo Breaker Pack for $19.99, and the Ultra Edition includes all of that content plus every customization part, classic costumes, and the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

Personally, KI is my most anticipated Xbox One game, and having played it quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, I can definitely say that this is one to try. Each character so far feels varied, it’s really easy to get into the game, and there’s plenty of options for both players, even when caught in a combo. It feels great, and has been a ton of fun so far.

Killer Instinct lands tomorrow, November 22nd, and I quote, “ONLY ON X BOX OOOOOOOOOOONE!!!”