Killstrain and Entwined: Sony’s newest IP?


Even though the Playstation 4 is still in its early years, Sony has shown massive support by releasing (and showing) new IPs. From Knack, which launched with the console,  to The Order: 1886, set to come out later this year, Sony has not been shy about creating new IP for the Playstation 4.

And it looks like Sony’s support will continue with new IPs.

Sony filed trademark applications for two unannounced titles, Killstrain and Entwined. Sony listed the two titles as “computer game software” at the United States Patent & Trademark Office on April 14th for Entwined and April 15th for Killstrain.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about these titles. Whether these games are to be developed by a Sony-owned studio or contracted out to a second party studio is still not known. The only certainty right now is Sony’s securing the rights to the titles Killstrain and Entwined.

By the titles of the games, what do you think they will be like? Let us know in the comments down below!