Kissing and Hugging: Acts of Intimacy Introduced into PlayStation Home


PlayStation Home has always been our go-to, virtual destination on the PlayStation 3. Usually when you have no idea of what to do, or are encumbered by the decision of what exactly to play from the enormous amount of PS titles you have laying around on your bookshelf (or in your virtual library), oft times you end up in Home before you know it.

Home has always been a place where you could go to to interact with other online personas, play games with them, watch a movie, or take part in the various worlds that this microcosm of the internet offers. Whether the residents of this world are friendly, malicious, or downright deviant, most of the fun of being involved with the denizens of this crazy, yet alluring place has been interacting with them. Chatting, gesturing, and dancing has always been fun, but quite a few things have been missing from our experiences there.

nDreams noticed this social void, and have introduced some new gesture packs to take our experiences in Home even further. With kissing, hugging, massaging, chest bumping, and more available, I think we can mutually agree that real life is over-rated, and that living in a virtual world is where it’s at.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog