The Last of Us: Left Behind Rated 3rd Best Current PS3 Game/DLC On Metacritic


The recently released DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind is rated the 3rd best current PS3 game/DLC on Metacritic. With a score of 89, that puts it in a strong spot amongst the highest rated games on the PS3 to date following Grand Theft Auto V, and Dark Souls II  respectively.

Considering it’s only downloadable content, that’s a very impressive feat. Not many game DLCs can gather such a high score so Naughty Dog have a lot to be proud of. Factoring in how long it took them to release the DLC for the game (The Last of Us  realeased on June 14, 2013, with Left Behind  releasing on February 14, 2014), it is still a success worth celebrating that it gathered such amazing review scores; then again, with such a lengthy development process, it gave them a great amount of time to polish the game to achieve the scores it earned.

The Last of Us  has sold 6 million copies worldwide. The developers of the game are currently headed to GDC 2014 to talk about what made Left Behind  such a success as well as what went into the developmental process to make it unique.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)