Latest Xbox One Commercial Is As Real (And Creepy) As Gaming Gets


The latest advertisement for the Xbox One is as real (and creepy) as gaming gets. The guy in the commercial takes a bathroom break from his game to splash some water on his face, probably to relax a bit – chances are he has a pretty intense gaming session going on. As he checks himself out in the mirror, he starts seeing the game’s actions come to life – or so he thinks. He sees a slash cross his chest, ripping his shirt, but then it’s gone. He sees a gash across the left side of his forehead, but then that’s gone too. Finally, he sees another cut on the backside of his left hand, but that disappears as well. He gets the brilliant idea to continue playing his game so he enters the next room to get back to his game of Ryse: Son of Rome and then… Well, just watch the commercial for the finale.

It’s a little on the creepy side considering he’s so into his game that his brain is relaying it into the real world. It looks more like he’s suffering from too much gameplay, then proceeds to continue playing the game. Maybe it would’ve been wise for him to take a lengthy break before the game truly became a (messy) reality. Now that the jokes have passed, what do you think about this advertisement?