Is This Leaked Footage of GTA V on the PC?


“Leaked footage” is always a risky thing to post about. It’s almost impossible to ascertain if the video is a result of an attention-seeking troll or the efforts of a video game maverick, simply trying to inform his fellow gamers of greatness to come. But, whether it’s real or fake, I think this video of GTA V supposedly running on a PC – posted by warrockteam1 on Youtube and spotted by Neogafer MJLord – is certainly worth a look.

Here we can see a fuzzy video capture (presumably taken with a cellphone) that shows Franklin whimsically running around the map for a very short time. A pretty convincing in-game menu pops up about half-way through the video, as the unidentified player tweaks supposed graphical options. The mouse movement is noticeably sluggish, though that does not necessarily prove the video is a fraud. Take a look for yourself:

So, what do you guys think? Can we throw skepticism to the wind and take this as confirmation of a GTA V PC port, or will our pessimistic selves prevail and brush this off as just another troll?