The Louvre Comes to 3DS


Nintendo is bringing the Louvre Museum to Nintendo 3DS systems next week.

For over a year, Nintendo has partnered with the Lourve in Paris, France to create interactive museum guides usable through rented 3DS systems. The guide tracks your location in the museum, provides audio descriptions of artwork, and 3D views of sculptures, as well as a map to help pin your next destination in the large museum.

In a surprise Nintendo Direct, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrate the guide, and have quite a bit of fun doing so. Miyamoto touches on what certain pieces mean to him, as well as insight on the development of the software and how it all works within the museum (it’s quite detailed stuff; cool of the Louvre to go with it.)

At the end of the video, its revealed that the software will be available to download from the eShop for $19.99 US, with all of the functionality of the Louvre’s version. It’ll feature 600 Hi-res photos, 30 hours of audio, and 400 3D photos paired with 3D models.

This would have been great in my art history classes.

The software lands on 3DS systems on December 2nd.