Mario Kart 8, First First-Party Retail Game for WiiU with Online Play


WiiU, WiiU, WiiU, it is about time! 18 Months after the release of the WiiU, on May 30 2014, Nintendo’s first first-party retail game, Mario Kart 8, will finally release with online play.


While this is great news for a game that simultaneously looks great, it does not speak well of the WiiU. Nintendo did not have the best financial year in 2013, which is understandable, all companies have their ups and downs. But to take more than a year and a half to release a game for a console that includes online play, in an age where online play is mainstream is a little…out of touch.


The WiiU does feature a great deal of games with multiplayer, but it is all couch multiplayer. But, maybe it is best not to focus on the failures of the past, and instead be willing to trust in Nintendo’s epic comeback with a new beginning.


Check out the original Mario Kart 8 demo from E3 below.