Mario Kart 8 MiiVerse Community Now Public


It’s the dawn of the final day. 24 hours remain until Mario Kart 8  is officially released for the Nintendo Wii U.  If you’re a common-folk like us, these hours are going to crawl by until you can get a copy at midnight either at your local game store or through Nintendo’s digital eShop.

Good news, everyone!  You won’t have to just watch the time tick by.  Nintendo has made the Mario Kart 8  community for their MiiVerse application public.  Previously only available to those who received a review copy, the community is brimming with posts that reviewers have been making for some time now.  You can scroll through not only for screen shots but also videos of gameplay courtesy of MKTV (Mario Kart Television).

Head on over to the MiiVerse to watch clips of the newest Mario Kart title being released tomorrow, May 30.

Source: Miiverse