Microsoft Financial Report Confirms 3.9 Million Xbox Ones Shipped in 2013


As part of the company’s latest financial report, Microsoft announced that it shipped 3.9 million Xbox One units to retailers during the last quarter of 2013.

Earlier this month Microsoft confirmed that it had sold 3 million Xbox One consoles collectively worldwide, leaving approximately 900,000 still in stock at retailers.

Microsoft’s announced its revenue earned in the last quarter of 2013 reached a company record of $24.52 billion.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke positively about the company’s success, saying

“Our Commercial segment continues to outpace the overall market, and our Devices and Consumer segment had a great holiday quarter. The investments we are making in devices and services that deliver high-value experiences to our customers, and the work we are doing with our partners, are driving strong results and positioning us well for long-term growth.”