More GTA V Details Revealed


Rockstar held a Q&A on their website, answering fans questions about Grand Theft Auto: V. The biggest news in the Q&A session was that the game will have to be installed on both the Xbox 360, and on the PlayStation 3 in order to play it.

However, on the Xbox 360 the game comes with two discs. One of these discs will have to be installed onto the Xbox 360 itself, while the other disc you will play from. Rockstar made it clear that 360 players won’t have to switch between both at any time during the game. The size of the installation disc is about 8GB, so make sure you have free space on your hard drive when/if you’re picking the game up. The PlayStation 3 will have one single disc, which will also have to be installed. The space required for this disc is also around 8GB.

Rockstar also shared with fans how switching between the three protagonists would work. Off-mission, you can switch between any of the characters, at any given time. The characters will go about their daily lives when you’re not playing as them. When you eventually switch to one of the other characters Rockstar said:

“You might drop in on Michael in the middle of a family dispute, interrupt Franklin chatting up some ladies, or Trevor on the run from the law – or whatever else these guys do in their free time”.

You’ll be able to see the other playable characters when you’re roaming around the map. Obviously, you can’t kill them as this would create numerous problems. Rockstar confirmed that a map will come with every edition of the game, like with their prior games. Customisable vehicles and weapons will also be in the game, but sadly Rockstar didn’t elaborate. PC and next gen versions of the game were questioned, but no response was given.