More PlayStation 4 Details


The PlayStation 4 has been passed by the FCC. This means that the retail version of the console is allowed to be sold to the American market.

Engadget revealed a few things about Sony’s new console. On accompanying documents it’s also mentioned that the PS4 has a max clock frequency” of 2.76GHz.


The overall temperature of the PlayStation 4 will also be lower than the PlayStation 3. The PS3 currently runs between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius. Of course, if it overheats and goes over 60 degrees, the PS3 will get the Yellow Light. The PS4 may have a similar overheating problem, but it will run between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. This lower temperature will ensure that the PS4 won’t have the same problem the PS3 had, but as always with any new electronics; we’ll see.

The only other noteworthy piece of information is the weight of the upcoming console. The PS4 will weigh roughly 2.8kg, which is a lot lighter than the original PS3’s weight, which was nearly twice as heavy at 5kg.