Naughty Dog Announces New Uncharted Title and Teases The Last of Us Story DLC


The PS4: Greatness Awaits live event kicked off with a bang. Naughty Dog made two huge announcements, starting with The Last of Us. They presented a teaser trailer showing us the direction the new story DLC for The Last of Us is heading in. It’s entitled The Last of Us: Left Behind, and will be featuring Ellie. We are also introduced to a new character, a friend of Ellie’s who we don’t know a lot about. If we look at the title we can assume that Ellie was somehow separated from Joel. We don’t know much, but the direction sounds exciting, the graphics are of course amazing. And who doesn’t love Ellie?


Even more exciting is the second half of the announcement. Naughty Dog gave us a short teaser trailer announcing a new Uncharted title. The voiceover didn’t sound like the smooth voice of Nathan Drake’s voice actor Nolan North, so we can assume the game has some kind of focus n a new character. Even though we don’t have a release date, or even a release period, the idea of more of PlayStation’s best exclusives has me very nearly wetting myself. Stick with SpawnFirst for all of the updates.