Naughty Dog Looking For Co-Op Designer For New Game


A job listing by Naughty Dog has perked up some ears today. They are looking for someone to help design a co-op AI character in a game. Speculation has begun that it is possibly The Last of Us 2 or could it perhaps be for Uncharted? It wouldn’t be too surprising if it’s either one but there’s also the slim chance it’s an entirely new IP. The job listing is as follows:

  • Co-op AI & encounter design – designing and scripting co-op combat encounters, 
    AI behavior design, and difficulty balancing
  • Co-op system design – creating mechanics, game modes, progression systems, 
    reward structures, social features, etc. to serve the co-op experience. Creating
    and iterating gameplay designs with the team, and working in script to implement
    and/or tune them
  • A strong passion to innovate in the are of co-op design
  • Strong understanding of co-op gameplay mechanics
  • Being a producer for your levels and gameplay designs – collaborating across disciplines to get work done and clear dependencies, ensuring deadlines are met, and championing the gameplay

The portion that makes me believe it might possibly be leaning more towards Uncharted is due to the part stating “being a producer for your levels…” Stating “your levels” makes it seem more like it’s not the game in its entirety but maybe a small portion. As in the past, Uncharted has been known to have isolated levels that have Nathan Drake running with a partner and then going about his merry way alone. What do you think? Do you think it’s Uncharted, The Last of Us 2, or something completely different.

(Source: NeoGAF, iGame Responsibly)