Need A Last Minute PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall Bundle Preorder? Go To Dell


UPDATE: Dell has now removed the link. Everyone who got in on the deal: Congrats! To those who didn’t: keep your eyes open for the next opportunity 🙂

No, that’s not a typo and it isn’t a joke. Dell now has the PS4 available for pre-order bundled with Killzone: Shadow Fall. But there is one little problem… The price tag. If you want this pre-order, be prepared to dish out $520 for it (before shipping and taxes are applied). It does not come with the camera, which makes the high price tag rather curious.


It seems as though Dell is trying to make a profit out of the ladies and gents who were procrastinating and/or waiting to see if they really wanted the console. If you have the money to break the bank and are willing to dish out the extra money for the bundle, hurry and get your pre-order in here. Otherwise, you might be able to get your hands on the console at local retailers, considering Sony has claimed to have enough stock for pre-orders and walk-in purchases alike. If you do decide to take advantage of this pre-order, they “usually ship in 1-2 days.”