New Arkham Origins Info Surfaces


New Arkham Origins Info Surfaces

Warner Bros. Montreal has clarified that Deathstroke will be playable within Batman: Arkham Origins. WB was forced on the matter after a retailer listing on Amazon showed that with a pre-order you will be given “Playable Deathstroke DLC”. However, Deathstroke will only be playable in the challenge mode for Batman: Arkham Origins. After confirming that Deathstroke will be playable, WB also stated that he will “own unique weapons and special moves”. The downloadable pack will also contain alternate character skins for Deathstroke.  A trailer, released today, pits Batman against Deathstroke.  It can be seen below:

With the voices for both Batman and The Joker announced as Craig Smith and Troy Baker respectively, is there any room left for the old Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy? Let’s hope so. At a conference Conroy said “I can talk about it now, we’ve been working for about 9-10 months on the next Arkham”. This suggests that either he will have a minor role in the game (such as an older Batman) or he may be talking about a next-gen Batman game, which has been rumoured to be in development. As he has done such a fantastic job with his previous roles, I doubt any fan would object to these rumours.

Joker has been confirmed for Arkham City, and looks as maniacal as ever


WB has also said they will be altering the battle system and levelling system in  Batman: Arkham Origins. Creative director for , Eric Holmes talked to IGN about the XP system and how upgrades would work compared to prior games. At the end of a brawl with characters, you will be given a grade. These grades will be influenced by whether you used a gadget, used a takedown, hit a big combo or if you missed a hit. Holmes stated that the reward system will be similar to “a Borderlands tree-type structure”. This will give the player a certain style of playing after leveling up in a certain way. This will also mean you can ignore upgrades you feel aren’t necessary or specialize in a specific area. Batman: Arkham Origins’ open-world will also be larger and taller than previous Arkham games, according to Holmes. Neither Holmes nor Warner Bros. were willing to speak about the multiplayer, but I feel we can expect something along the lines of the Assassin’s Creed franchise; although it may be amusing, single-player is where the true potential and enjoyment will arise.