New Details About Titanfall: Different AI Types, PC Details Incoming, and an Indecent Proposal


Abbie Heppe, Respawn’s charming and vocal Community Manager, has been been laying out little details about Titanfall and answering the questions of some excited fans and alpha testers. From her conversations with other people, we’ve found out about quite a few things. Keep yourself updated on her Twitter page.

First off is the news that there will be different AI types in the game, but unfortunately, none of the AI types will have any “adjustable” intelligence.

Details about the PC version of Titanfall will also be released fairly soon, according to Abbie.

And last, but definitely not least, is quite the proposal offered to Aaron Greenburg, Respawn Entertainment, and more, just for a Titanfall alpha code. I’ve heard some people were desperate, but this definitely takes the cake: