New God of War In The Works?


Another job listing from Sony Santa Monica Studios posted 2 days ago on January 27 has a slightly more solid look at the possibility of a new God of War game. This job listing has them seeking a Senior Combat Designer the help with creating boss designs, and “magic distribution” to name a few of the designer’s responsibilities.

Most of these are commonplace in a game that utilizes a fighting mechanic but the one feature that leans it more towards the God of War side of the fence is the magic distribution portion. Magic has always been a big part of the franchise ranging from utilizing Medusa’s head to turn enemies to stone to savagely ripping off Helios’ head to use his power of light to illuminate darker areas.

This is neither fact nor proof that there is a new God of War game in the work, but there’s a big possibility. Considering God of War is one of Sony’s flagship games, it would be no surprise to see a new entry in the series for the PS4. Are you hoping for a new entry in the series or do you think Kratos has run his course?

(Source: Sony Santa Monica job listing)