New Wii U Bundles in Japan


Nintendo seems ready to bundle up for the fall weather, in Japan at least. While other regions just saw the likes of the Wind Waker HD bundle, and a ZombiU one before that, Japan is getting two new Wii U bundles to coincide with the release of Wii Fit U and Wii Party U. The bundles are based on the Deluxe Set, featuring the additional accessories and 32GB storage that typically come with it, though the original pack in game, Nintendo Land, is replaced by two or three games depending on the SKU.

Dubbed the Family Premium Set, both variants include preloaded digital versions of New Super Mario Bros. U, the upcoming Wii Party U, and a subscription to the Japan exclusive Wii Karaoke U, as well as a Wii Remote Plus Controller. The upper level set comes with an additional copy of Wii Fit U and its pedometer accessory. Both sets come in black or white, with the same features for either color.

The current MSRP is 32,800 yen (~$322) without Wii Fit U, and 34,800 yen (~$342) with it. The bundles release October 31st in Japan, though there’s no word if equivalent bundles will come to other regions. With the recent price drop, this bundle could boost sales of the Wii U this holiday season.