New Xbox One Ads On The Week PS4 Comes Out


Sony’s PlayStation 4 is released this week where on Friday millions of gamers will begin welcoming the next generation of gaming.  Though the PlayStation 4 is released this week, it’s another week until the Xbox One comes out and with that Microsoft has released a couple of new ads as to not be forgotten.

Microsoft released two ads today, one called “Reveal” and the other “His and Hers.”  The Reveal ad showcases the next generation Xbox One with some short game play clips touting, “Ultimate Realism” and “Cinematic Gameplay that rivals Hollywood.”  Watch for yourself.

The second ad features a couple using the voice controls.  A man is watching soccer when his girlfriend takes over simply by walking in the room and stating, “Xbox, show my stuff.”  Knowing who she is through the face recognition software on the Kinect, the Xbox then pulls up her profile with her personalized pins.  Following suit, the woman then tells her boyfriend, “Boyfriend, get me a beer” as if commanding the Xbox.

This weekend, we will see just how well the PS4 sells and next week on the 22nd we’ll see how the Xbox One compares as we approach “Day One” for both consoles.  These two ads, released today, show that Microsoft is ready for the battle of ‘Top Next Gen Console’ competing against the already released Wii U and the upcoming PlayStation 4.