Next-Gen Console Prices Listed by Retailers


Next-Gen Console Prices Listed by Retailers

We’re still unsure how much both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will cost, but retailers have begun listing prices on both, which may give us an indication of the price range. With E3 closing in, this may suggest that Sony and Microsoft will unveil their price plans then. For now, there has been no confirmation or leaks about any of the pricing details involving either console, although rumoured prices are popping up.

xbox priceOn Amazon’s UK website, the Xbox One was listed for £599.99 (around $910) while the PlayStation 4 was seen for €599.99 (roughly $780). If these price listings are true, the PlayStation 4 will be considerably cheaper and appeal to more consumers. However, listed both consoles at £399.99 (about $605) showing that it’s still all speculation about which console will be more expensive. With a $300 difference (roughly) from both sites, we’re still left in the dark about pricing.

These prices are merely to allow retailers to accept pre-orders for the consoles. Amazon noted that “there are no official prices announced for Xbox One products. The price stated above is a placeholder. With our Pre-order Price Guarantee, you can order now and if the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lowest price”.

Previous rumours suggested there would be two price plans for the Xbox One, a subsidized $299 model (which would have a monthly fee of $15) while the full console would cost $499. Although neither of these have been clarified by Microsoft (no surprise there), it’s something to keep in mind when coming to these retail listings before the official price values have been released.

Next-gen games have also been listed on Amazon US and On the US site, games were listed for $99.99, while on they were listed at €99.99. Once again, these prices are just to accept pre-orders; nothing is clear in terms of pricing. Come E3, it’s likely we’ll be given pricing details by Microsoft and Sony.