Nintendo TVii Update


Last night Nintendo released an update to their TVii software on the Wii U.  The TVii built-in software debuted with the launch of the console offering full control of your cable/satellite set-top-box using the Wii U GamePad.  The service allows you to change channels, control volume, and even comment on shows with other Wii U users while watching live broadcasts. The new features covered in the update include:

  • Quicker load times across the service.
  • Easier access to your favorite sporting events, now including baseball! Now you can start predicting plays & climbing the leaderboard even faster.
  • Enhanced search functionality for all your favorite channels, shows, movies, and sports to find out what’s on.
  • Increased tvtag coverage to all shows on top 70 channels.

The update is accompanied with a picture displaying a GamePad screen where a question has been posted with a time limit of 10 seconds to answer whether or not the viewer believes the home team’s next FG will be in or outside the paint.  Below it you can see the previous question displaying what percentage of viewers chose which answer. Also displayed is the leaderboard displaying who has the most correct predictions. This could either be with friends or all viewers.

Nintendo TVii is not Nintendo’s main point of interest as they are pushing to create quality, first party, Triple-A titles for their system, but it is nice to see it hasn’t been forgotten.  If you haven’t already, check out Nintendo TVii and watch some shows with your friends through Wii U.