North American PS4 Sales Estimate To 1.25 Million, 66% Ahead Of Xbox One


Michael Pachter estimates that North American PS4 sales for November are roughly 1.25 million units sold – 66% ahead of the Xbox One, which are estimated at about 750k. The PS4 was released on November 15 in North America and the Xbox One was released on November 22. This one week lead the PS4 had on the Xbox One might attribute greatly to this lead.

Also, if the estimation from Michael Pachter is correct, then it partially correlates with the sales figures from the UK – the PS4 sold 250k whereas the Xbox One sold 150k – which is a 60% difference. In any case, in both Europe and North America, the PS4 has the lead this generation. However, these consoles are still in their infancy and both still have quite the leg race to continue running. Let’s see if Xbox can close this gap in the months to come.

(Source: MCV)