Oculus Marketplace in Beta Phase


Oculus VR has recently announced the beta version of Oculus Share. Although it is similar to Steam, PSN, and other online marketplaces, Share will be a place to publish and download any Oculus Rift demos and more importantly, games. Obviously, Share will help developers and consumers to learn all about the new and impressive headset hardware.

At the moment, Share will let Oculus Rift developers publish their content, while getting feedback from the community. On Oculus Blog, it said:

“Oculus Share is the first of many steps we’re taking to build the ultimate virtual reality platform”. “While Share is simply a sharing service today, over the coming months we’ll work toward making it an incredible marketplace for Oculus-ready games, experiences, and applications.”

An approval system will also be put into place, as Oculus VR want to “make sure content isn’t offensive or malicious”. Hopefully the Oculus Rift will be coming to the consumer market soon, but for now, that seems rather unlikely. A lot of research has gone into the headset, and Oculus VR now have John Carmack onboard, so I’m sure the Rift will be an incredible experience, putting it lightly.