Parkour Added to Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator continues its reign of entertainment for PC players and its new update is something to look forward to. Come mid-May patch 1.1 for the game will allow the goat to do parkour. You read that right, parkour.

A teaser trailer was released a couple of days ago showcasing all the strange, new moves the goat can do; like wall jumping and walking on its two front hooves. Personally, I’m hoping for a spider-goat patch soon. Not a horrifying combination of the two, but a goat spiderman.

According to Polygon, the new patch will also include local multiplayer (and split-screen multiplayer), a new map, achievements, and more modding freedom.

Goat Simulator is still only available for PCs, hopefully the Mac and Linux ports are finished soon so I can finally enjoy the game on my own laptop.

Check out the teaser trailer which was released on the Goat Simulator Facebook page!