Phil Spencer Wants Gears of War to Remain an Xbox Exclusive


In a tweet today sent out in reply to Twitter user @ArashOrak1, who expressed his sentiments about wanting to keep the Gears of War series “as [a] Microsoft exclusive”, Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer agreed.



Gears of War has been a Microsoft exclusive ever since the first game released in 2006. Rumors have been circulating that the next Gears of War game will be released on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

Nothing is official yet, but it seems like Phil Spencer is all for the series staying where it started. However, he has also stated before that he can’t assure Gears of War will remain on Xbox.

Kotaku interviewed Spencer last year, and he had this to say:

“It’s Epic’s franchise. You and I both know that. I can’t make any assurances about anybody else’s franchise.”

A lot of Sony supporters have been clamoring for a PlayStation Gears of War, but a lot of Microsoft supporters want the series to stay where it is. So, you know, same old same old.