The Playable Power Of Science Comes To The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing


Launching today is the DLC pack for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing containing the Arcane Mechanic. This allows for players to play as a specialist class that utilizes the power of science. The Arcane Mechanic is the “master of weird devices, deadly gadgets and arcane machinery”, giving the players the chance to literally fight fire with fire. Playing as the Arcane Mechanic, you can reduce the enemy to ash with flames, engulf them in poisonous fumes, blow them to smithereens with explosives, or summon minions and set traps to do the dirty work for you. When all other tactics fail, decimate your foes with the power of science!

The DLC features the Arcane Mechanic class, new class-specific gear, new skills and unique perks, new tactics and game mechanics (traps and deployable mechanical creatures), and 3 class-specific quests with 2 new single player campaign maps. The DLC can be purchased on steam for $3.99.