PlayStation 4 Has 8 Times the Reviews Xbox One Has on Amazon


Ofttimes, looking at Amazon’s reviews provides some very interesting information. Not just about the quality of the product being sold, but also the number of the product sold, or at least how many people cared enough about the product to write about it. Whether good or bad, more reviews means more of that item were sold. Considering this, let’s take a look at the number of reviews for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox One, as well as the kind of reviews given (1 – 5 star). All these stats were taken from the Best Sellers page on Amazon.

Xbox One:

AmazonXboxOne1The Xbox One is current sitting at 511  total reviews, with an overall star count of 4 stars. Not too shabby at all, save for its 25th position (and falling) at Amazon for Best Sellers in Video Games. As you can see, the Xbox One has 268 5-star reviews (52%), 81 4-star reviews (16%), 40 3-star reviews (8%), 25 2-star reviews (5%), and 97-1 star reviews (19%). Overall, people like the Xbox One.







PlayStation 4:

AmazonPS41The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, comes in at 4,429 reviews (as of early December 23rd, 2013), also at a respectable overall count of 4 out of 5 stars. The PlayStation 4 has 2,972 5-star reviews (67%), 340 4-star reviews (8%), 120 3-star reviews (3%), 69 2-star reviews (2%), and 928 1-star reviews (21%).









(All images courtesy of Dan Mascias)