PlayStation 4 Already Hacked


The PlayStation 4 may have been out less than a month (or less than a week for some of you), but it seems as a hacker has already jailbroken the system. Reckz0r, hacked the PS4 to allow it to play a variety of pirated games. To the dismay of Sony, he has also published a tutorial, to help others hack the PS4 as well.

Sony responded to Reckz0r via the official PlayStation Twitter account saying:

“We’re giving you one day, to delete that Pastebin link you have recently posted, alongside with the files if you have uploaded them somewhere. It won’t take us long to get you arrested if you’re still going to proceed spreading the jailbreak. Take the Geohotz scenario as an example.”

Obviously, Sony are anything but impressed with a hacker attempting to spread instructions on how to jailbrake their own system. Clearly, their warning to Reckz0r will be a warning to all hackers or modders on the PlayStation 4; play by the rules or suffer the consequences.

Will the PlayStation 4 become riddled with hackers soon because of this? Let us know in the comments what you think!

(Source: International Business Times)