PlayStation 4 Stock Might not Arrive in France until March or April 2014


With PlayStation 4’s already hard to come by everywhere, nothing hurts more than hearing about more delays, especially if it’s in one’s own territory. Our friends over in France might have an even harder time acquiring a PlayStation 4, considering information coming in from various sources. Jeux-Video has already posted up on their site that additional units might not be available until the month of April, with Amazon France not even posting an expected replenishment date. Some have even reported that French retailer Micromania might not receive units until that time frame.


PlayerOne.TV also delved into Europe’s overall replenishment issue last month, after contacting Sony and being told that some of Europe’s potential inventory replenishments might be sacrificed to manufacture enough units to make Japan’s February PlayStation 4 launch go as smoothly as possible (and with a minimum of PlayStation 4 console shortages). I think we can all agree on the fact that Japan’s PS4 launch will be big, and that Sony will need to up that region’s inventory to meet the demand. But at the risk of depleting other territories’ stock? That remains to be seen.

The question about the potential lack of shipments to France was even posited to Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter, to which he incredulously replied:


And yep, you can bet on him finding out and replying on whether inventory replenishments will be on schedule on not for France (and the rest of Europe). We’ll keep our eye on this one.

(Sources: Jeux-Video, Twitter, Amazon France, Playerone.TV)