PlayStation 4 Won’t Play Blu-Rays or DVDs OOTB


In some breaking news today, mostly having to do with the PlayStation 4’s 1.5 firmware update, we’ve realized one thing: Out of the box, it seems as if the PS4 will not be able to play DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. From the PlayStation Blog below, you can see that one of the functionality updates with the PS4 Firmware 1.5 is:

Blu-ray Disc and DVD player: Users can enjoy not only gaming on their PS4 system, but also Blu-ray and DVD video contents. When using for the first time, users must connect to the internet to activate this feature.

So apparently, if you just brought home a PS4 and are looking to play your favorite movie on it, you are SOL until you update your PS4 with the 1.5 firmware update. A small hassle, but an issue for the 3 people in the US and Europe who don’t have an internet connection.