PlayStation 4’s Selling 3 to 1 vs. Xbox One on Amazon


The PlayStation 4 has been a hot item every time it goes on sale at any retailer, online or brick and mortar. The Xbox One is also selling at respectable numbers, but the trends have been pointing to Sony’s PlayStation 4 doing much better sales-wise whenever the console is in stock.

NeoGaf users have been all over the recent availability of the PlayStation 4 on Amazon, and have been comparing the numbers against the Xbox One’s units available over time. How? As long as the number of units available are under 999, one can add in any amount to their cart and see the left-over amounts showing actual quantities available. Doing this same method for any next gen consoles/bundles will give them enough available data to create some very interesting metrics.

“WHAT? How is this graph being made? Is Amazon publishing per-minute stock availability? I apologize for asking. I have not read the entire thread.” – AstroNut325

“GAF has been keeping track of # of available units for each of those SKUs over that time period.” – Tsundere


This is quite the interesting revelation when using actual data available from Amazon. It gives us a concrete sample to see an actual trend of PlayStation 4 sales vs Xbox One on Amazon for the given time period.

(Source: NeoGaf)