PlayStation Camera Out Of Stock Everywhere


The PlayStation Camera has been out of stock everywhere for quite some time with no answer as to why. The demand is there but there seems to be no supply. Some people speculate that it may have something to do with the gross misuse of the product that appeared using The Playroom live on Twitch.

There is no official statement from Sony as to why the peripheral hasn’t been restocked in a while, but some people have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of the situation and sell the ones they have for $120+ on Amazon. Things aren’t looking any better on Ebay with sellers asking for the same outlandish prices for the camera.

It’s a rather curious situation that there aren’t any units to restock in stores considering there are still bundles releasing with the peripheral. There have been bundles including the camera in the box but there aren’t any standalone to be purchased in stores or even online aside from auction sites and Amazon.