PlayStation Store Releases PS3 Titles for PS4


It’s been reported that PS3 games have popped up on the PlayStation online store. As if we need another reason to rush out and purchase Sony’s Next Gen console.

According to Digital Spy, games like Dead Island Riptide, Ben 10 Omniverse, and MX vs ATV Alive are listed on the network but are not yet able to be downloaded to players’ accounts. But, they have been connected to PS4’s newest network addition, PlayStation Now. As part of it’s beta, players can begin trialling game rentals of these PS3 titles. Users may rent games from one day to 30 days. PlayStation Now will be taking over North America this summer. Our Euro friends have to wait until 2015 to experience this new network!

For now, players can only view trailers, images, ratings, and a general overview of the games listed to be released on PlayStation Now.