Some Portions Of Games May Not Be Recorded On PS4




The video recording feature on PS4 is one of the greatest features. Having the console always recording the last 15 minutes of gameplay can make for some pretty amazing compilation videos. Hitting the share button will upload the video to Twitch and/or Ustream as well as saving it on your PS4’s HDD. Users can then trim the videos how they see fit. So say, for instance, only 5 minutes out of the recorded clip is what you want to save. You can apply a starting and ending point to the video and have the specific clip you want.

share-button-ps4-dualshock4However, it is extremely important to know that some games might restrict the recording features from specific areas of the game. It is unclear what portions of games could hold this restriction, if at all. We shouldn’t take this to mean that games will absolutely implement the restriction. Perhaps it was just put there as a possible warning so that if a restriction does arise and recording ceases, there is an explanation.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)