Proven Lands Being Funded Through Kickstarter


Developer thesetales has taken to Kickstarter to fund a sci-fi survival game called Proven Lands.

The Kickstarter claims the game is influenced by Star Trek, and Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve .

Proven Lands is a sandbox game focused on exploration and survival, similar to the previously mentioned Don’t Starve .

The story of Proven Lands is currently somewhat vague but the Kickstarter contains a brief description:

“The main story is thrilling but also a little bit philosophical too – about friendship, bravery, responsibility and even a pregnancy. It is optional, don’t worry. You assume the role not of a scientist or a soldier, but a working class hero or heroine. You’re named after the real-life Teruo Nakamura – a soldier of the Japanese Imperial Army who did not surrender until 1974, for an exciting reason.”

thesetales is currently looking for £299,000 in order to fund a release on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows PC. If the studio reaches its goal by April 12th, the game is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2015.

(Source: Polygon)