PS Vita TV Impressions


The guys over at Games Radar got a chance to try out the PS Vita TV at Tokyo Game Show. According to their hands-on time, the visuals for streaming PS4 games to the Vita decrease in resolution. The game looks good on the Vita, but it is a “bit off” visually and it seemed more like they were “watching a YouTube video at 1080p,” although that could have been expected; there would be an obvious difference between playing the game on your TV and transferring it to a smaller screen with a few slightly reduced specs.

Visuals aside, they say that the stream is “flawless.” There was no lag to be seen; it was almost as if they were playing the games on the PS4 itself. Now, this is the showfloor demo and it doesn’t reflect how everyone’s experience will be on their personal, at-home WiFi. It could be a great indication that this piece of tech could pose a great solution to off-TV gaming on the PS4. The only issue is there’s still no word on if PS Vita TV will be making its way to Europe and North America. However, we shouldn’t lose hope. There’s still a possibility that it can make an appearance in other territories; especially considering the promotional images and the announcement trailer had actors that were both American and Asian. Here’s hoping this can be an indication that it will release stateside.