PS3 Compatible Peripherals For PS4


PS41-1Some current peripherals for the PS3 are compatible with PS4 and some aren’t. Here is a list of currently compatible PS3 peripherals for PS4:

  • PlayStation Move
  • USB Headset (Will be compatible following system software version 1.50. After the update, most commercially available USB headsets will be compatible.)
  • Bluetooth and USB keyboards (Buttons on keyboards that are PlayStation 3 dedicated controller buttons will not function)

Also, here’s a list of PS3 peripherals that aren’t compatible with the PS4:

  • Bluetooth and USB third-party controllers
  • Bluetooth headsets (Including the official Sony bluetooth headset)
  • Charging station for Dualshock 3
  • Bluetooth and USB mouse (A mouse cannot be used to navigate the PS4, but some games might utilize mouse support)

One that doesn’t quite fall into either category, but it was touched base upon in our report on missing launch features, is the official Pulse and Pulse Elite headsets from Sony. They are compatible with the PS4, just not at launch. Compatibility will be integrated post-launch via a firmware update.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)