PS4 And PC Code Found In Xbox Version Of GTA V


As we all know, early copies of Grand Theft Auto V had surfaced nearly 2 weeks early. However, for those who looked into the game code found something interesting; they found code that apparently shows mobility and portability to GTAV to to run on the PS4 and PC.


For those who don’t know, the PlayStation 4’s operating system when using the dev kit is called “Orbis OS”. As you may recall, there was panic last month when Sony mistakenly tweeted that GTA V would be released on PS4. Not to mention, Amazon Germany and Amazon France both accidentally leaked that the game would be appearing on PC and PS4. Rockstar immediately rectified this “mistake” from all three parties and Sony tweeted an apology after that, stating that the game would only be released on PS3. Well, now we have clear evidence to the contrary.

If you’d like to read on, head here for more details.