PS4 Exclusives Score Higher than Xbox One Exclusives


What’s a war without numbers? Every time you learn about a war in school they tell you the number of dollars spent, the number of soldiers killed, the number of days, etc.  Console wars are no different. Between the nations of Microsoft and Sony, they have several soldiers (read as: games) that they’re proud of and with the consoles being released, we can now see how the launch game reviews are starting to add up.

PlayStation 4 Exclusives

PS4FullBelow are the PlayStation 4’s exclusive titles as well as their overall Metacritic score

Flower:  92
Resogun:  83
Killzone Shadow Fall:  73
Knack:  56
Super Motherload:  73

Average: 75.4/100

Xbox One Exclusives

Xbox-One1Xbox One is mere hours away from public release and the reviews for its exclusive titles are beginning to flood in also.

Killer Instinct:  74
Dead Rising 3:  78
LocoCycle:  48
Powerstar Golf:  68
Forza Motorsport 5:  82
Ryse: Son of Rome:  61
Zoo Tycoon:  70
Crimson Dragoon:  55

Average: 67/100

A thing about math; numbers don’t lie.  However, let’s also take note that Xbox One has two more exclusives than the PS4.  Also, if we took just the top six games for the two consoles (to try and even the playing field) we’d see that the averages are PS4: 75.4 and Xbox One: 74.4.  It can further be argued that a numerical value to represent the quality of a product is near impossible to do accurately as opinion will always be a subconscious factor.

This is only a speculation on the Next Gen Consoles’ exclusive, launch titles. These consoles are both in their infancy and only time will tell who the winner will be for the 8th generation console wars. Overcoming a PR nightmare in June and a higher price tag, the Xbox looks to be doing quite well, considering the still-strong demand for the console. The PlayStation 4 still has to overcome some update and hardware issues but it too looks to be standing steadfast. Meanwhile, the Wii U is playing it like the Tortoise: slow and steady wins the race.