PS4 Outselling Xbox One 2:1 On eBay


A combined might of console sales on eBay shows that 100,000 units have been sold. However, PS4 is leading that brigade with a whopping 65,000 units sold, leaving the Xbox One to trail with 33,000 units sold. This goes to show that the PS4 is in something more of a demand due to the fact that the PS4 isn’t in stock at many major retailers (and when they do restock, they sell out extremely quickly), but the Xbox One is slightly easier to find.

These sales estimates to roughly $50 million, considering these consoles are sold at a greater price than the MSRP for profit by the sellers. These sales profits won’t affect Sony or Microsoft too negatively considering they were legitimately purchased for the purpose of flipping a profit. If you’re looking to get either the Xbox One or PS4 (or both) for you or a loved one for Christmas and are perfectly fine paying above MSRP for either console, head over to eBay and get your hands on one today.

(Source: VentureBeat)