PS4 Sells 1 Million Units In 24 Hours


It is no easy feat to sell one million units on a console’s launch day but Sony has managed to pull it off. The PlayStation 4 sold 1 million units in 24 hours during it’s US and Canadian launch day. Gamers’ anticipation for the arrival of November 15 for the launch of the console was quelled this past Friday as those patiently awaiting were finally able to get their hands on the console.

The PlayStation 4 has vast improvements over its predecessor in the areas of RAM, graphics, GPU, and a highly improved controller, as well as a lower price point compared to the PlayStation 3’s initial launch price that was announced during E3 2006 that no one can forget. The PlayStation 3 debuted at $599 USD whereas the PlayStation 4 was a mere $399.99 USD, which put the crowd at E3 2013 into a positive uproar. Are you part of the one million who bought a PS4 on launch day?

(Source: PR News Wire)