PS4 Shortages In The UK Could Last 4 Months


Gamers in the UK might have something to worry about come November 15. There seems to be a shortage of PS4 units in the UK. The pre-orders for PlayStation UK have surpassed the predictions to the point that the system could be in short supply for up to 4 months. They are in talks with Sony as they are trying to acquire more units to satisfy demand. Day One pre-orders have ended so as not to disappoint anyone who put down their hard earned money and can’t receive a console due to the shortages.

The demand may seem like an excellent thing for Sony. But the lack of supply for such a high demand poses a massive problem; many people who may not be able to receive the console for an extended period of time might shift over to Microsoft and purchase an Xbox One instead. While PS3 is the leading console in most European territories, the Xbox 360 still holds the reigns in the UK.

PlayStation UK chief Fergal Gara had this to say on the matter. “We are right in the throes of discussing which territories every last unit goes. We have a very, very ambitious plan with 32 countries in mind. And we are talking pre-order levels that we have never seen before in our 20 years in this business. Any forecast that I provided a few months back are now redundant and far too small.”

Hopefully PlayStation UK can acquire more units to feed the demand and no one will be left behind after release.