PS4 Sold Out at Amazon Germany Until January 2014


From a thread at NEOGAF, Amazon Germany will not be sending out pre-orders shipments to customers until January of next year. This is sad news for German PlayStation fans who just placed their pre-orders and were planning to get their systems in before the holidays, much less launch day.


And Germany isn’t the only one going through PlayStation 4 promised supply shortages. Micromania in France is also telling their customers that any new PS4 pre-orders will not be shipped until January of next year.

Considering that the PlayStation 4 pre-orders sold out within minutes in Japan, it seems as if there will definitely be some world-wide shortages after release day. This is not good news for consumers, especially those who were considering skipping the PS4 console launch hoopla, and were betting on picking up their systems near the holidays. Nothing like the lack of a PS4, Killzone: Shadowfall, and bashing heads in online to put a damper on one’s holidays. So what can you do? Get your PS4 pre-order in as early as you can. You don’t want to miss out on the January PS4 shipments either.